About FeastforFamine

Hi there and welcome to FeastforFamine!

Are you bored with going home to another bowl of pasta, sandwich or reheated lasagna?

Going out for a pizza, burger or a steak? If you fancy trying some of the other wonderful stuff going on out there in the world, welcome to my blog, FeastforFamine.

Come on in and join me on my journey around the world, creating food inspired by countries from Zimbabwe to Peru!

FeastForFamine has four main goals, specifically to…

  • Promote flavours and ideas from corners of the world less well-travelled or promoted.
  • Put my own interpretation on some of those and share my ideas with you.
  • Draw attention to some of the issues currently going on in those countries, many of which are suffering greatly from war and/or famine.
  • To raise awareness of children suffering throughout those countries and the wider world.

The emphasis is on inexpensive, wholesome, widely available ingredients which we don’t always think of pairing. Exotic cooking need not cost the earth, but sometimes takes only a slightly more adventurous approach to give our taste buds something new to look forward to.

The whole idea of this blog is promote experimentation, exchange of ideas and learning from experience!

For Recipes from around the World please click Check out all 52 Recipes from 2019 Here!

Or for new Lockdown Larder recipes head over to The Lockdown Larder Recipes

Thanks x


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