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cropped-img_20181009_082554_230.jpgAre you bored with going home to another bowl of pasta, sandwich or reheated lasagna? Going out for a pizza, burger or a steak? If you fancy trying some of the other wonderful stuff going on out there in the world, welcome to my blog, FeastforFamine.

Come on in and join me on my journey around the world, creating food inspired by countries from  Zimbabwe to Peru!


FeastForFamine has four main goals, specifically to…

  • Promote flavours and ideas from corners of the world less well-travelled or promoted.
  • Put my own interpretation on some of those and share my ideas with you.
  • Draw attention to some of the issues currently going on in those countries, many of which are suffering greatly from war and/or famine.
  • Through my links with Save the Children, to raise some funds to support children suffering throughout those countries and the wider world.

The emphasis is on inexpensive, wholesome, widely available ingredients which we don’t always think of pairing. Exotic cooking need not cost the earth, but sometimes takes only a slightly more adventurous approach to give our taste buds something new to look forward to.

Sadly, closer to home, several hundred thousand people in the UK now regularly rely on foodbanks. So, I have deliberately chosen a charity whose scope includes the UK, and hope that the ethos behind my ideas and recipes will make most of them accessible to as many people as possible.

Every Monday throughout 2019 I will be posting a new recipe. if you try, and enjoy any of my recipes and you feel inspired to make a donation (of any amount) please feel free to click the link to the donations page. And if not, that’s fine too – I only hope that you enjoy the recipe! Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback, or suggestions for enhancing any of the recipes. The whole idea of this blog is promote experimentation, exchange of ideas and learning from experience!

Scroll down and be inspired x


Inspired By Ecuador – Slow Cooked Pork and Bean Stew with Cheesy Potato Cakes


Serves 4 – 6 as a main and goes very well with This Green Sauce…

Prep: 20 mins
Cook: 2.5 hours

Ingredients: 750g or Pork Shoulder, 1 large onion, 1 butternut squash (peeled and cut into chunks), 1 tbsp olive oil, chicken stock cube, 1 lemon, 1 tbsp white wine vinegar, 1 tbsp of dried oregano, 1 tin of white beans (such as haricot), 1 small can of sweetcorn.

Cheese and potato patties – these are optional as the stew feels like a complete meal in itself, however this kind of accompaniment is often used in Ecuador…

For the Cheese and potato patties: 500g Potatoes (like Maris Piper), 2 tbsp of cheddar cheese, oil for frying, salt and pepper.


  1. Preheat the oven to 150F
  2. Cut your pork into chunks removing any excess fat
  3. Peel and roughly chop one onion
  4. Heat 1 tbsp. of oil in an oven proof pan and add your pork and onions, lightly browning the pork for a few minutes
  5. Turn the heat off and add 500ml of chicken stock, juice of a whole lemon, 1 tbsp. of white wine vinegar, 1 tbsp. of dried oregano
  6. Place in the oven with the lid on and cook for 1 hour
  7. After one hour, remove from the oven and using a wooden spoon start to break the pork down by pushing down on the the meat
  8. Cook for another hour, breaking down the pork again and now add your drained beans and sweetcorn, mix in well and place the butternut squash on top
  9. Add 200ml of water and put back in the oven for 25mins
  10. To make your potato cheese patties, peel and chop the potatoes into chunks
  11. Place in a pan and cover with cold water, bring to the boil and then simmer for 15mins until the potatoes start to break down a little
  12. Drain the potatoes, add a pinch of salt and pepper and two tbsp of grated cheddar cheese
  13. Allow to cool slightly before making into patties and gently frying in a little oil for 4 mins each side, or until they start to make a golden crust
  14. Aim to make about two patties per person, you may need to make these in batches
  15. Serve with the slow cooked pork and enjoy!

Although Ecuador is a country rich in oil, a majority of the Ecuadorian population live in poverty and the indigenous people of Ecuador have been subjected to a long history of discrimination, often illiterate, due to poverty and poor education, children are also at threat of violence, people trafficking and the dangers resulting from drug trade in the country. Save The Children are currently working with the government and 65 different children groups to help shape a better future for the children of Ecuador. To find out more please visit:


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Inspired by the Philippines: Tapioca and Mango Jelly Pots

This is a fresh tasting desserts and also a great refreshing end to a meal, goes well after the Inspired by the Philippines: Sticky Chicken Drumsticks with Vegetable Noodles

Serves 4 

Prep: 30mins
Cook: 15mins ( plus allowing time for jelly to set)

Ingredients: 600ml of coconut milk, 100g caster sugar, packet or sachet of jelly, (I used mango, but you can use lime or orange), 100g caster sugar, 60g of dried tapioca, 1 fresh ripe or tinned mango (optional), zest of a lime.


  1. First make up your jelly following packet suggestions, can make this the night before, or for as long as the instructions say to wait and pour into ice cube trays to set
  2. When the jelly is ready to use start on your tapioca, rinse first, then add to a pan with 600ml of coconut milk and leave aside for 30mins
  3. After 30mins, add the sugar and bring to the boil, turn the heat down and simmer for 15mins stirring constantly
  4. After 15mins remove from the heat and leave to cool
  5. Once the tapioca has cooled, start assembling your desserts
  6. Take the jelly out of the ice cube trays and put in the bottom of glasses or bowls, saving one piece of jelly to add at the end
  7. Spoon over the tapioca mix and pop some mango on top if using, top with the remaining jelly cubes and a grating of fresh lime.

Save The Children have been working in the Philippines since 1981, but more recently have been helping to rebuild communities after the devastating Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Sadly just two years later the Philippines were struck again, in 2015 by Koppu, displacing 700,000 people. Save The Children are now working hard to help these families rebuild their lives and prepare for future emergencies. If you would like to find out more please visit:


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Inspired by the Philippines: Sticky Chicken Drumsticks with Vegetable Noodles



Growing up I was so lucky to live next door to a wonderful family, who came over from the Philippines in the 70s. I have such fond memories of playing with their daughter Marianne when I was little, but most of all I remember their generosity, as more often than not they would knock on our door with steaming plates of noodles, chicken and other delicious foods! I have kept in touch with the family ever since, who still live next door to my childhood home. I have been in touch with them recently and Marianne and her father Tony have shared with me one of their noodle recipes and a really tasty, but simple marinade that they used on the chicken.

I made this recipe recently for my own family and it felt so good to share this delicious dish and the happy memories attached to it, I hope you enjoy it too!

Serves: 4

Prep: 20 mins plus marinating time

Cook: 45 mins

Ingredients: For the Chicken Drumsticks; 8 chicken drumsticks, 3 tbsp. of tomato ketchup, 1 tbsp. of soy sauce, 1 garlic clove

For the noodles; 250g dried wok noodles, 1 red pepper, 2 celery sticks, 1 carrot, 1/2 Chinese cabbage (or you can use something like Savoy), 1 small/medium onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 chicken stock cube, tbsp. of soy sauce, 1 tbsp. of oil


  1. First make your chicken marinade, thinly slice your garlic clove and mix together with the ketchup and soy sauce
  2. Coat your drumsticks in the mixture and leave in the fridge for at least 30mins or overnight
  3. Preheat your oven to 210F, place your chicken in the middle of the oven and cook for 35 – 45 mins turning half way through and checking that your chicken is cooked before serving, (use a knife close to the bone to make sure all the juices are clear)
  4. While your chicken is cooking prepare your noodles
  5. Thinly slice your onion and garlic and set aside
  6. Thinly shred the cabbage and dice all the other vegetables
  7. In a wok or deep saucepan heat the oil and gently cook the onion and garlic for 5 mins
  8. To this now add the chicken stock made with 100ml of water and the soy sauce, mix and add the rest of your veg to the pan, give it a good stir
  9. Now add your dried noodles and 720ml of boiling water
  10. Bring to a high simmer and leave your noodles to absorb all the water for 6 – 8 minutes stirring occasionally ( I have never cooked noodles like this before and was a bit nervous, but it worked a treat and it meant that they soaked up ALL of the flavours).
  11. Serve the steaming noodles with your cooked chicken and enjoy…I know I did!

Save The Children have been working in the Philippines since 1981, but more recently have been helping to rebuild communities after the devastating Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Sadly just two years later the Philippines were struck again, in 2015 by Koppu, displacing 700,000 people. Save The Children are now working hard to help these families rebuild their lives and prepare for future emergencies. If you would like to find out more please visit:


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Hummus…we have a problem!


Well I know I do! I love the stuff and it’s not only good for you, it’s super easy to make too.

Want to whip up a quick batch of hummus right now? Then try this:

In a food processor add a drained tin of cooked chickpeas, juice of a whole lemon, one garlic clove, a tablespoon of Tahini paste and about 100ml of olive oil and blend to a paste, add a little water or more oil if too clumpy. I’ve topped mine with some more olive oil and some Pinenuts.

High in fibre and protein, which also makes it super filling, it’s great as a snack, on toast or with crudities for lunch, or as a sauce in pitta bread with some roasted veg or chicken.

Did you know that India is the biggest producer of Chickpeas globally? Followed by Iran, Mexico and Ethiopia and is often used as the star in Mediterranean Mezes, what a delicious little legume it is!

For more dip recipes, take a look at Syrian Inspired Aubergine Dip with Honey and Pistachios, and if you need even more Chickpea inspiration this weekend, then have a look at the super easy, cheap Indian Inspired – Chickpea Dahl with Eggs and Homemade Raiti

Happy Friday


Inspired by England – Egg and Bacon Oven Baked Muffins


This super easy recipe uses only three ingredients and can be eaten hot or cold, breakfast on the go, brunch, lunch or as part of a picnic – perfect!

Makes: 6 Muffins

Prep: 5mins

Cook: 25mins

Ingredients: 6 small to medium eggs (depending on the depth of your cupcake tin), 6 slices of bread such as white, brown, granary, 6 rashers of streaky bacon, a little oil


  1. Pre-heat your over to 200F
  2. Using a cutter or a mug/cup cut circles into each of your bread slices
  3. Cut your bacon into equal halves
  4. Brush a little oil inside your cupcake tin
  5. Put the two halves of each rasher of bacon into each cupcake hole in the shape of a cross
  6. Push your bread discs down on top of each of the bacon crosses
  7. Top each one with a cracked egg and a little salt and pepper
  8. Cook for 25 mins
  9. Eat…you can even add Ketchup!

Despite England being part of the developed world, more than a quarter of children living in England are living in extreme poverty,  low wages with increased living costs are putting immense pressure on parents and carers to give children the support and education they need for a fair start in life. Save The Children are working to support these children, to find out more please visit:


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April Recipe Review: From Afghanistan to Peru!

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Hi All!

April was a long month which meant even more recipes!

It had a lot of variation, taking us across the globe and it was of course Easter time in many parts of the World and I hope you all enjoyed  Easter Time With Feastforfamine Friends

So first up in April was a trip to South America with the Peruvian Inspired dish Inspired by Peru – Chicken, Black Rice, Green Sauce and Avocado Salad, I like this as a complete dish but would also gladly eat any of its accompaniments at anytime with anything, especially The Green Sauce.

Next up in April was India with the Indian Inspired – Chickpea Dahl with Eggs and Homemade Raita, a really cheap dish with loads of flavour!

A little extra this month was an easy baking dish, a perfect excuse to make some cute cookies, the Easter Bunnies with Hazelnut Noses…

I love to cook lamb at this time of year and with slow cooking you can add loads more flavours, which I hope I managed here with my Afghan twist on the lovely roast Inspired by Afghanistan: Spiced Slow Cooked Lamb, Carrot, Almond, Tumeric and Sultana Rice with Carrot Yogurt, makes great leftovers too.

Where your cupboards bare after the long weekend and time spent with friends and family instead of grocery shopping? Well I had the perfect solution, Inspired by Spain – Smokey Bean Stew with Paprika Mayo, a simple store cupboard based dish which although is low on cost and effort is high on taste!

Finally after all that lamb, for our final destination in April, we went back to South America for a delicate tasting fish dish, Inspired by Columbia – Tuna Steak Stew with Lime and Oregano a one pan dish that really hits the spot!

I hope you enjoyed our travels in April and come back on Monday to find out where we are going in May.

Remember all recipes are created for you not only to enjoy, but to also raise awareness of the struggles these countries face on a daily basis, so if you would like to make a donation to Save The Children who are working everyday to support children around the World, please visit my just giving page by clicking the link Just Giving for more information.

See you soon!


Rosalyn x

Inspired by Columbia – Tuna Steak Stew with Lime and Oregano

thumbnail_20190401_184706This is a really gentle dish but very satisfying and filling!

Serves 2 – 4

Prep: 15 mins
Cook: 20 – 30 mins

Ingredients: 2 – 4 Tuna Steaks, (depending on size and how many you are making this for), 1 small – medium onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 small can of sweetcorn, 200g of new potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 tbsp. olive oil, 1 tsp of dried oregano, 1 lime, 1/2 tsp. of salt, good mil of black pepper, small bunch of fresh herbs of your choice (I used parsley but can use coriander).


  1. Peel and finely chopped your onion and garlic cloves,
  2. Add 1 tbsp. of olive oil to a lidded pan and add your chopped onion and garlic and cook on a medium heat for 5 mins
  3. Peel and chop into small chunks your potato and carrot
  4. Add to the pan with 200ml of cold water, the sweetcorn including any juices, oregano and salt and pepper
  5. Pop the lid on and cook on a low heat for 20mins
  6. After 20mins add your tuna steaks on top of the stew, put the lid back on and cook for 8 -10mins
  7. Serve immediately with a good squeeze of lime, and your fresh herbs
  8. Enjoy!

As well as the devastation of natural disasters, Columbia has been caught in an ongoing conflict for decades, with an estimated 7 million people being displaced from their homes over the last 50 years.  Despite this conflict, thousands of Venezuelans are coming to Columbia to leave behind desperate conditions.  As a result hospitals are running out of medical care and children are in danger of human trafficking.  Save The Children are working with communities and schools affected by the ongoing conflict to ensure child protection and they are also providing support for those coming across the border and working to prevent the exploitation of children.  To find out more please visit:


And if you would like to make a monetary donation please visit my Just Giving Page, by clicking the link here: Just Giving

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